Art Director @Christopher Wright, Stoneygate

Paula Wan

Paula’s believe in core strength of Toni&Guy Vardering education systems, a solid programme for all areas of hairdressering from new assistants to Art Directors.

Constant renovations in hair art and fashion is one of her strong beliefs. Motivating staff, Soiree's and Photo Shoots was an area she enjoyed the most.

Diversity of Paula's work can be seen on current Photo Shoots with models and Artist but with equal focus and passion for every salon client.

As Artistic Director/ Educator Paula sees constant education as paramount, to ensure the creative skills development of her team.

A few key achievements in Paula's very successful career:

"To be a good hairdresser there is always amalgamation of key skills that I apply to achieve the perfect hair for every client & model. listen, hear, look, correct advice, create statement hair that suits every individual. I apply the same formula to my art and photography"